Our programming caters to everyone, from the fitness beginner all the way up to the competitive athlete. You do not need to come from an athletic background to start one of our programs and to get into the best shape of your life.

FitMe Challenge

Anything worth doing, is worth doing right!

In the FitMe Challenge we do just that! You will learn how to squat correctly, how to run correctly, how to eat the right foods to support fat loss and muscle gain. We will teach you the basics of fitness and nutrition. You will come to us as a beginner and we will provide you the tools to get started with CrossFit.


We prioritize functional fitness. Our workouts are intended to translate into improved movement in everyday life. Each day you step into the gym you will be doing a different workout under the supervision of a professional coach in a group atmosphere. You will work hard and challenge your body in ways you haven’t before, and achieve results you’ve never had before.


CrossFit Black Bear provides an individual approach to workout design and goal achievement through our customized Personal Training sessions.

Clients can expect a training program tailored to their current fitness abilities and an accelerated progress timeline towards their lifestyle, health, and fitness goals.

Physical Therapy


My name is Cat Kenney and I'm a physical therapist. I've been working with cross-fitters for years and treating CrossFit injuries for 2-3 years now. I am making myself available for black bear members from 3pm-5pm at the gym on Fridays. I typically do 15-minute blocks of time to work on injuries, either doing soft tissue work, joint work or dry needling. I also do free injury consultations to determine the cause of your pain.