CROSSFIT: A 60-min, constantly varied, high intensity class with a focus on both conditioning and strength. Classes are accessible to all levels with workouts designed for the novice and the veteran alike. This class takes advantage of a variety of tools like kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, medballs, and more. The focus on larger groups provides a high-energy atmosphere and the classes are structured with a focus on delivering the perfect blend of fat loss, skill development, and fun.

UNBOUND: A 60-minute class with a focus on restorative movement and recovery. Each class incorporates a combination of flexibility/yoga based movement, soft tissue release, and functional mobility. Attending Unbound classes regularly is a sound investment towards longevity, and will contribute to sustainable long-term progress.

OPEN GYM: The gym is open. Coaches are here. Come and do what you want for a workout. This is a great time to work on some skills or accessory programming to support your goals.

EXPRESS: A 30-min, high intensity class that provides a concentrated burst of high paced training for a mid-day jump start. With a focus on bodyweight and unconventional tools, the Express class is perfect for those looking to get maximal results in minimal time.

DROP IN: We welcome drop ins to any of our available classes. If you would like to drop in contact us directly on Facebook, email, or by phone.