One day at CrossFit Black Bear, I finally got my double-unders🤗!! It was a journey that started almost 9 years ago. I was introduced to CrossFit after my husband and daughter encouraged me to "try it out" after years of running and swimming as my way to keep fit. After being a member of two other CrossFit gyms, I was excited to learn that CrossFit Black Bear opened up opened up in my home town. I walked through the doors and never looked back. I have had both tremendous CrossFit and personal training coaches from years past and for that, I will always be thankful.

I've been at CFBB for over 2 years now and always felt welcomed since day one. Even after many years of learning movements, the coaches at CFBB are always willing to take the time to teach me more cues and proper techniques.

CFBB will also help you get in the best shape of your life, no matter what your skill level is. It does it in a very friendly and supportive environment. I learned that you don't have to be in shape to start CF, you just have to be there. CFBB offers knowledgeable coaching and thoughtful programming. They also encourage you to do your best and cheer you on to do one more rep, because you can :) Most importantly, CFBB has a super fun atmosphere which makes it easy to walk through those doors (and a long hallway)😄 It didn't take long for me to feel a part of something at CFBB... It feels like family. I will continue to enjoy my journey there because I know the results will keep me healthy and I will always cherish my double-unders😊

I began training with Crossfit Blackbear six years ago. I was a single mom raising two young daughters by myself, and I was tired of feeling like I couldn’t keep up with the activities my girls wanted to experience. I needed to do something to change and feel better about myself. After trying out a couple classes at CFBB, I quickly discovered that not only had I found a support network of people working towards being healthier versions of themselves, but I found a network of friends that support each other in and out of the gym.

I never would have called myself an athlete growing up, but since CrossFit is a dynamic sport with a variety of movements, I began a journey of discovering things my body could do that I never would have imagined possible—and I was good at it! Crossfit Blackbear has helped transform both my mind and body into a more confident and healthy mom, woman, and teacher. Every time I step in that gym, I’m reminded that I can inspire my students and my daughters to believe no matter their circumstances, they can persevere and succeed!




Store Manager

I took on the FitMe Challenge at CrossFit Black Bear 18 months ago due to a health scare and being almost 250 lbs. I had always been very active and athletic and I had let life get in the way of that. I had seen CrossFit on tv and it looked terrifyingly difficult, but awesome. After being told I had cancer and then a month later being told they were wrong I took that as my wake up call and just gave it a shot. I was extremely intimidated going into my first class. I was seriously out of shape and could not perform any of the movements without modification. However, the coaches at CrossFit Black Bear meet you at your level and help you move on to the next level. The community at CrossFit Black Bear gets me out of bed at 4:30 each morning in the dead of winter to get to class. Because of the coaches, other members of the gym and their constant motivation and support I am happy to say I have lost about 50lbs and complete many WOD’s I never thought I could, even the infamous Murph! CrossFit has most definitely changed my life. Increased energy, better physical health and mental health means I am a better person whether at home or work. And because of CrossFit Black Bear I was able to finally accomplish one of my goals of summiting Katahdin. I could not recommend this gym more.

I love travel - to family and friends especially doing so by train. I have traveled by train from Maine to Miami to Vancouver, Tijuana Mexico to Halifax NS and around England by British Rail. I still enjoy Water skiing with friends in New Hampshire and Florida, and also did a fair amount of Scuba Diving especially in the Virgin Islands. Also I can putter endlessly around my reclaimed home, the only place I've ever owned.

You'd have to call practically everything I do a hobby. I never seem to master any of them because the others keep calling me. A mild sort of Attention Deficit Disorder I guess.

One constant through it all is my need to stay physically active every day. A day without it is wasted. I love the lift exercise gives, and the satisfaction of having been physically challenged as opposed to being bored or worn out by annoyances and chores. It quiets the mind and relieves the grinding weight of sedentary jobs and inactivity. I have been going to gyms consistently since UMO when I also was the manager of the UMO Men's Swim Team. (Orono High didn't have a swim program). I was a member at YMCA gyms in Portland, Lowell MA, and Melrose MA until I made consistent gym buddies and branched out to Golds Gyms, Ballys', Work Out World - all in Massachusetts. The problem with the gym buddy system is that unless you either match your objective to theirs, or you move on. I my case, I needed a class to provide direction, and the CrossFit gyms emerging in Massachusetts scared off my buddies with their energy and challenge. So, when I retired and moved back home, CROSSFIT BLACK BEAR provided the opportunity to finally do it. It 's the anchor of my day, the essential routine that provides the balance and the belief I can still be fully active as I approach 65 years old. Now the challenge seem to be figuring out how much recovery time is needed just to keep this up...

I can't thank CFBB Staff enough for the unwavering enthusiasm, knowledge and support you offer to EVERYONE who joins. It is a privilege to share a gym with so many men and women members who will work so hard every day,. The friendliness that emerges from the common objective here is a truly unique gym experience for me.

Thanks so much for the past 2 years

Rich Reed


Railroad Dispatcher



If someone had told me 3 years ago that I would be going regularly to a CrossFit box to exercise, I would have said “What you smokin?” But here I am, 3 years later, totally addicted to it. Two to three classes a week has me in the best shape I’ve been in for 20 years. And being in shape means I can bike, hike, ski, snowshoe and backpack with folks who are almost always a lot younger than me, and sometimes even show the young’uns a thing or two.

I like to say CrossFit works for me because of the 3 S’s. It’s Scheduled – I just have to show up for classes. It’s Structured – I just have to do what the great coaches tell me to do. And it’s Social – I enjoy the camaraderie of the CrossFit Black Bear community. CrossFit has made a huge difference in my life, and it can in yours too.